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Girl Scouts, Nature Kids Program

                   Scouts in Nature                                    Nature Kids Preschool

                         Girl Scouts                                     Virtual Open House

         A visit to a park is a great activity for your             Tuesday, February 1 from 5:30 - 7:00pm
         troop to do as part of a regular meeting or as
         an extra activity. Whether self-guided or led by         The Tualatin Hills Nature Center will co-host
         one of our naturalists, girls can work towards           a virtual open house for anyone interested in
         earning their petals and badges through                  learning about the Nature Kids Program and
         nature exploration. We can also customize a              other THPRD nine-month programs for the
         group program for your troop’s needs to earn             2022-2023 school year. Meet preschool staff,
         your Hiker, Bug, Eco Learner, Animal Habitats,           learn about nine-month preschool programs,
         Flowers, Art Creator and Explorer or Citizen             and ask questions. Please visit http://www.
         Science badges.                                 for
                                                                  more information on preschool offerings
                                                                  and Open House details. Registration opens
         Brownies & Juniors                                       Wednesday, February 9, 2022.
         Math in Nature Badge Program

         Get outside and explore the shapes,
         symmetry, and patterns you can find in nature.           Nature Kids Program
         Go on a scavenger hunt through the park as               This September-through-May, nature-based
         you join our naturalists for a day that includes         program offers a friendly setting for preschool
         hikes and hands-on activities where you can              children to develop social, communication
         complete the steps to earning your Math in               and motor skills. Developmentally appropriate
         Nature badge! Join as a troop or individually.           activities are introduced throughout the year
         Badge is not included with registration.                 in a curriculum structure that focuses on
         3/5     S      10 am-12 pm  7-11 yrs           NP35170   experiential learning through exposure to
         Tualatin Hills Nature Center   ID/AP: $15 OD: $18.75     nature and the changing seasons. Children
                                                                  will form friendships, learn respect and have
         NOTE: If your troop can’t make this date, give us a call and   the opportunity to grow with the help of
         we can set up a group Math in Nature, Outdoor Art Creator   caring teachers in a safe, yet active, natural
         and Explorer badge or Citizen Science Journey Workshop   environment. All classes run September
         program that works with your schedule.                   through May.

                                                                  Ages 3-4       $250 per month (2021-22 school year)
                                                                  Chipmunks      T/Th          9-11:30 am
                                                                  Tualatin Hills Nature Center
                                                                  Hummingbirds T/Th            9-11:30 am
                                                                  Jenkins Estate Gatehouse
                                                                  Ages 4-5       $350 per month (2021-22 school year)
                                                                  Ladybugs       M/W/F         8:30-11:30 am
                                                                  Tualatin Hills Nature Center
                                                                  Owls           M/W/F         1-4 pm
                                                                  Tualatin Hills Nature Center
                                                                  Dragonflies    M/W/F         9am-noon
                                                                  Jenkins Estate Gatehouse

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