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Inclusion Services

           THPRD’s Inclusion Services program provides reasonable supports and accommodations that assist
           patrons with disabilities to participate in the wide variety of programs and activities available through

            •  Provides opportunities for people with and without disabilities to experience recreation together.

            •  Focuses on the needs, interests, and abilities of people instead of focusing on their disabilities.

            •  Supports the process of preparing, learning, experiencing, and growing with each person, each
               family, and each participant from our recreation staff.

            •  Provides recreational choices.

           To Participate
            1.  Choose classes from our activities guide or online search tool and register using THPRD’s online
               registration system (you can also register by calling/visiting any THPRD facility).

            2.  Submit a completed Inclusion Support Form and/or A Request for Inclusion Form to Athletic Center
               OR e-mail forms to, two weeks prior to the start date of program/activity. We
               cannot guarantee services with short notices.

               •  If you are requiring ASL interpreting services, please complete a ASL Interpreter Request Form
                 along with a Disability Accommodation form.

               •  If you are 55+ and registering in any THPRD fitness program/class, you will need to submit an
                 Inclusion Medical Clearance form.

               •  All Inclusion forms are available on this page or at any THPRD facility.

            3.  The Adaptive and Inclusive Recreation Specialist will contact you to discuss the type of inclusion
               support needed to accommodate you or your dependent. The forms you submitted will be
               reviewed, and a success plan will be written to support the patron in their recreational classes.

               •  Inclusion Assistants will be assigned to support the patron for the duration of the program.

            4.  Accommodations are made as needed, and can be flexible and creative, ensuring that you are able
               to engage as independently as possible.

            5.  Inclusion Assistants do not provide personal care services such as toileting, changing or feeding.

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