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Nature Studies – Adult

        Night Owls                                           Mason Bees
        This is the perfect time of year to step into        Our native pollinators are amazing. Mason bees
        the forest to listen for sounds of courting          are non-aggressive and fun to observe. Learn
        owls. Join other owl enthusiasts to enjoy a          about their fascinating life cycle and receive the
        presentation and discussion about our local          materials you need to start a colony in your own
        owls, and head out into the park to listen           backyard. The fee includes one tube of dormant
        and look for our resident owls.                      bees which will emerge later in the spring.
        1/27    Th     7-9 pm        16+    NP35551          2/18   F       7-8:30 pm     16+    NP35552
        Tualatin Hills Nature Center   ID/AP: $18 OD: $22.50  Tualatin Hills Nature Center   ID/AP: $22 OD: $27.50

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