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Aquatics Information

         THPRD Learn To Swim Program

        Preschool Swimming Classes            kicking on their back for a total of   they will have completed a 500-yard
        Ages 3-6 yrs who have not started first   15 yards.                        continuous swim, tried skills from
        grade.                              Level 4 The focus is continued stroke   each of the competitive aquatic
        School-age Classes                     development on crawl stroke and     sports, and learned some basic water
                                                                                   safety skills.
        Ages 6-12 yrs who have started first   backstroke, getting ready for more
        grade.                                 advanced strokes, and starting the
        The prerequisite for each level is     diving progression with sitting and   Safety Skills: Safety skills are an
        completing all skills in the previous   kneeling dives. Upon successful   integral part of the learn to swim
        level confidently, consistently, and   completion, swimmers will be     program.  Appropriate safety skills will
        comfortably. There is no prerequisite   able to swim crawl stroke and   be incorporated into each session of
        for Level 1.                           backstroke for 15 yards and pass   lessons.
        Level 1 The focus is submersion        the swim test.
          and breath control working on     Level 5 The focus is increasing     Swim Lesson Level Registration Guide
          independent floating, gliding, and   stroke proficiency and endurance,
          kicking on front and back. Upon     learning breaststroke, and         •  Students aged six months to three
          successful completion, swimmers     continuing the diving progression     years register for Baby/Toddler &
          will be able to kick while using a   with standing dives. Upon            Me.
          kickboard, float on their front and   successful completion, swimmers   •  Students at least three years old,
          back, steamboat and back glide for   will be able to swim 50 yards        not started first grade and toilet
          two body lengths and jump into the   crawl stroke, 50 yards backstroke,   trained register for Preschool Level
          water, all unassisted.              and 25 yards of breaststroke with     1-3. Another option is You and Your
        Level 2 The focus is working on       proper timing and technique.          Preschooler.
          productive, propulsive arm strokes   Level 6 The focus is continued    •  Students who have started first
          and effective kicks on front and    stroke proficiency and endurance,     grade through age 12 register for
          back. Upon successful completion,   learning butterfly, and finishing     School Age Level 1-4.
          the swimmer will be able to         the diving progression with long,   •  Students swimming 25 yards of
          coordinate side breathing with arm   shallow dives. Upon successful       strong front crawl (head down with
          strokes on a kickboard, swim five   completion, swimmers will be          side breathing, stretched kicks, and
          body lengths on their back doing    able to swim continuously for 300     arms over the water) and 25 yards
          winging and kicking, and jump into   yards, tread water for two minutes,   of strong backstroke (feet and body
          the water then swim to the wall     and demonstrate underwater            near the surface and arms reaching
          unassisted.                         swimming.                             straight up out of the water) register
        Level 3 The focus is crawl stroke   Level 7 The focus is stroke             for Level 5-7.
          proficiency, introduction of new    refinement, preparation for the    •  Level assessments will be done on
          back skills, and orienting to deeper   competitive aquatic activities like   the first day of class for all students.
          water. Upon successful completion,   swim team, diving, water polo,
          they will be able to catch 5 breaths   and synchronized swimming,
          doing crawl stroke, roll on their   and preparation for lifeguarding.
          back, then swim winging and         Upon successful completion,
        Specialty Instruction

          Baby & Me / Toddler & Me               Diving Instruction                   professional rescuer.
          Babies 6 mos-2 yrs / toddlers 2-3 yrs    Prerequisite: 25 yards crawl and 25 yards on   Prerequisites (Level 5+):
          A water adjustment class for parent and child.   back.                      1) 300 yard swim (utilizing crawlstroke
          Basic skills are introduced with games and   Levels 1 & 2 - Class will teach basics.  and breaststroke).
          songs. Swim diapers required.          Levels 3 & 4 - For continuing divers.  2) Swim 20 yards, submerge to a depth
                                                                                      of 7-10 ft., retrieve a 10 lb. diving brick,
          You & Your Preschooler                 Junior Lifeguarding                  return to the surface and swim back to
          3 yrs-5 yrs 11 mos                     Ages 12-15 yrs, Level 4+             the starting point within 1 minute, 40
          A water adjustment class for preschool   Participants receive comprehensive training   seconds.
          students who have had difficulty transitioning   in the knowledge and skills necessary to   Certification Requirements:
          to a class without parent participation. Basic   prepare for the Lifeguarding program   1) Attend all class hours (no make-ups,
          skills from Level 1 are introduced, with parent   and to be trained as an instructor aide.   no exceptions).
          participation in the water.            Participants must be able to swim 300 yards   2) Successfully complete all required
          Adaptive Aquatics                      and tread water for two minutes.     skill testing in CPR for the Professional
          An instruction program for all ages with   Lifeguarding                     Rescuer and AED, First Aid and
          disabilities. Our trained instructors provide a   Ages 15+ yrs              Lifeguarding.
          one-on-one learning opportunity. ADA water/  Course focuses on the job of a lifeguard in   3) Score 80% on the final written exams.
          aquatic lift (Aloha, Beaverton, Harman &   a swimming pool environment. Certification   Offered in traditional class format or
          Sunset only).                          includes first aid and CPR for the   blended learning.              7
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