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THPRD Fact Sheet

                                  2022 Fact Sheet

                                    THPRD by the Numbers

                             250,000                         50                                   5
                                                             Square miles                         Mobile
                                                             area served                          Recreation Vans

                      1,000+                                 405                               4

                      Volunteer options                      Community                         Community
                                                             Garden Plots                      Murals

                           Facilities                                        Parks & Trails

                         6                         6             117                         2

                        Recreation                indoor           Parks                    Nature
                        Centers         Swim                                                Parks
                        (including one              2
                        for ages 55+)  Centers
                                                                    5                       3
                     104                     147                 Off-leash                 Skate
                     Baseball/                Multi-
                     Softball                 purpose
                     Fields                   Fields
                     Scheduled/               Scheduled/                         162      Natural Areas
                     Maintained*              Maintained*

                     Basketball/             Indoor                       Miles of         51         17
                     Courts           50     Outdoor                      Trails          paved     unpaved

                     110                         30                                        27          3

                     Tennis Courts               Summer                   Waterways       Miles of    Lakes
                     Indoor/Outdoor              events                                   Streams

            *Includes fields owned by Beaverton School District
           Board of Directors: Felicita Monteblanco, Alfredo Moreno, Barbie Minor (Secretary Pro Tempore), Heidi Edwards (Secretary) and Tya Ping (President)
           Contact us by phone: 503-645-6433    Mission Statement: THPRD’s mission is to provide natural areas, high-quality park and recreational
           Website:             facilities, services and programs that meet the needs of the diverse communities it serves.
           Equity & Inclusion Statement: We acknowledge that all U.S. government agencies have roots stemming from systemic racism and oppression, including
           THPRD.  We seek to hold ourselves accountable for our role in perpetuating these systems and are committed to taking action to create meaningful change.
           We aspire to bring people together, to be a welcoming and inclusive park & recreation district, and to live our values of advancing social and racial equity.
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