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Aquatics Information

          Aquatics Professional Training

         Facility                  Date          Day          Time               ID/AP        OD          Class #
        Lifeguarding See page 7 for prerequisites.
        Interest List                                                                                    BV450000
        Beaverton                 4/10-5/1       Su          9am-3:45pm          $41         $41         BV452003
        Beaverton                 5/7-5/28       Sa          9am-3:45pm          $41         $41         BV452002
        Conestoga                 4/9-4/30       S           9am-3:45pm          $41         $41         CA452001
        Conestoga                 5/3-5/19       T/Th        5:30-9pm            $41         $41         CA452002

        Lifeguarding Review
        Interest List                                                                                    BV451000
        Conestoga                 5/21           S           8-5:30pm            $200        $239.75     CA452004
        Conestoga                 6/11           S           8-5:30pm            $200        $239.75     CA452005

        Lifeguarding Instructor
        Interest List                                                                                    BV354000
        Tualatin Hills Aquatic Center    3/21-3/24    M-Th    8am-3pm            $250        $312.50     AQ352003

        Junior Lifeguard
        Conestoga                 4/9-5/28       S           12-2pm              $171        $213.75     CA452075

        Water Safety Instructor
        Interest List                                                                                    BV430000

          Aquatic Clubs

        Tualatin Hills Thunderbolts          Tualatin Hills Synchro Club         Tualatin Hills Barracuda Masters
        Swim Club                             Swim Club (adults only)
        Office: 503-629-5568                 Tualatin Hills Water Polo Club      Please contact the membership chair at:                                     or visit www.
        Tualatin Hills Dive Club

                                           WATER SAFETY

                                   Coloring Raffle
                                   C    o   l o    r   i n   g R         af      f   l e

                      Details and coloring sheets will be available starting Sunday, May 1st at the Aquatic Center or online at
             Turn in completed coloring sheets to any THPRD Pool
                      (Aquatic Center, Beaverton Swim Center or Conestoga Recreation & Aquatic Center) to receive a raffle
                      ticket to be entered for one of a variety of prizes.

                      Coloring sheets need to be turned in by Monday, May 23rd at 9:00 am
                      Drawing will take place on Monday afternoon, May 23, 2022

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