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Facility Information

           Court Rates and Reservations                            Outdoor Neighborhood
         •  You may make a reservation online at www.thprd.                 Tennis Courts
           org. Full payment must be made at the time the
           reservation is made.                             Barsotti Park (60' youth    Mt View Champions Park
         •  Payments accepted include cash, check, THPRD gift   court)                  17500 SW Farmington Rd
           card or credit card, with a token (in person - VISA,   16570 SW Blanton St   Murrayhill Park
           MasterCard or Discover).                         Camille Park East and West  No car access, SW Scholls Ferry Rd, SW
         •  Full refund if cancelled at least two days prior.  Access at W end of SW Marjorie,    Weir Rd, SW 155th Ave
                                                            S end of SW 105th Ave
                                                            Cedar Mill Park*            PCC Rock Creek^*
                                                            10385 NW Cornell Rd, W of NW 102nd   17705 NW Springville Rd (6 lighted)
                                                            Ave                         Raleigh Park*P
         Indoor Courts                                      Cedar Park School*          3500 SW 78th Ave & SW Fairway
                                                            11100 SW Park Way & SW Cedar Hills   Reservoir Park (closed)
         In-district patrons: may reserve                   Blvd                        Access off SW Inglewood St, N of SW
         seven days in advance.                             Center Street Park          Imperial
         Out-of-district patrons: may                       11895 SW Center St          Ridgecrest Park
         reserve six days in advance.                       Conestoga Middle School*    Access off SW Cresmoor, W of SW
         In-district: $22/hour adult,                       12250 SW Conestoga Dr       Hillcrest, off SW Hall Blvd
         $19.75/hour senior, $19.75/hour                    Five Oaks Middle School
         military                                           1600 NW 173rd Ave, S of NW    Ridgewood View Park P
         Out-of-district: $27.50/hour                       Cornell Rd                  NE and SE corners of Hwy 217 & SW
                                                                                        Meade- includes 2 pickleball court lines
         no assessment, $22/hour AP                         Forest Hills Park+
         (assessment paid)                                  SW Butner Rd & SW Portola Ave, access   Rock Creek Landing P
                                                            off SW Portola, S of Sunset Hwy, E of SW   NE corner of NW Cornelius Pass Rd
         Pickleball Rates:                                  Cedar Hills Blvd            & NW Rock Creek Blvd- includes 2
         ID: $11/hr
         ID military/senior: $10/hr                         Garden Home Park*           pickleball court lines
         OD: $13.75/hr                                      8200 SW 83rd Ave            Roxbury Park*
                                                            Greenway Park+              SE corner of SW Berkshire & SW Roxbury
         Outdoor Courts                                     E of SW Greenway, between SW Hall &   Somerset Meadows Park*
                                                            SW Scholls Ferry Rd
         In-district: $10/hour adult, $9/hour senior, $9/hour military   Hazeldale Park (Rosa)  SE corner of NW Somerset & NW Park
         Out-of-district: $12.50/hour no assessment, $10/hour AP   Access off SW Rosa between SW 196th   View, N of NW Park View, E of NW 174th
         (assessment paid)                                  Ave & SW 194th Ave
         Due to the wide variety of programs we offer, we cannot   Highland Park Middle School  Somerset West Park
         guarantee court assignments, only court reservations.  7000 SW Wilson Ave, S on SW Wilson   18300 NW Park View, E of NW 185th
                                                                                        Ave, N of Hwy 26
                     Call for more information.             Ave from SW Allen Blvd
                                                            Howard M. Terpenning        Summercrest Park East
                                                            Recreation Complex^*+ P     E of SW Rigert & SW 170th Ave
             Private Tennis Instruction                     15707 SW Walker Rd          Summercrest Park West
                                                            NE Corner of SW Walker Rd & SW 158th
        Improve your skills and strategies with private or semi-  Ave                   Access off SW 171st Ave, S of SW Juliann
        private instruction. Private lessons start at a base rate of   Lost Park        Sunset Park*
        $63/hour for in-district patrons. Lessons will be available   2120 NW 111th Ave, N of NW Lost Park   13707 NW Science Park Dr
        to register for online. You can also register for the Spring   Dr               S of NW Cornell Rd, W of NW Murray
        private lesson interest list TC46000 to be contacted when                       Terra Linda Park
        additional private lessons are added. For more information   McMillan Park
        contact Jim Rankin at  Lesson times are   Access off SW Chestnut, N of SW Cypress   Access S of NW Burton, E of NW 139th
                                                            & SW 99th Ave
        limited to instructor availability.                                             Ave
                                                            Meadow Park Middle School   Vista Brook Park*
        Ball Machine available for $5.75 - Call for availability  14100 SW Downing St, N of SW Walker   6410 SW Scholls Ferry Rd at SW 88th Ave
                                                            Rd, E of SW Meadow Dr
                                                            Melilah Park                West Sylvan School
                                                            Access off SW Arborcrest or SW 180th   8111 SW West Slope Dr
                                                            Ave, E of SW 182nd Ave      Westview High School
                                                            Mitchell Park*              4200 NW 185th Ave, between
                                                            Access off NW 93rd, W of NW    Hwy 26 & NW West Union Rd
                                                            Leahy Rd
                                                            *Includes backboard  ^Includes outdoor lights   +Includes hitting wall
                                                                P  Pickleball       For more information, go to
                                                                   No fee, available on a first-come, first-served basis

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