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THPRD General Information

      Registration Payment                                    Delays, Closures and Changes
      To protect your personal information, THPRD no longer   Occasionally centers will be closed or schedules changed or
      accepts credit card payments over the phone. Anyone     delayed. We make every effort to announce any change in
      registering by phone will have a 48-hour window to make   advance.
      payment at any open THPRD facility or online at If you have questions, call 503-645-6433.  Financial Aid Program
                                                              Households whose income falls below the Federal Free Meal
      Live out of district?                                   Guidelines are eligible to receive up to $200 per person
      Patrons who live outside the district, including out-of-town   annually in financial aid.  Financial aid funds may be used
      guests, are invited to enjoy programs and other services   for camps, sports, swimming, fitness classes, gymnastics,
      provided by THPRD. The park district currently provides   dance, weight rooms, plot fees for the community gardens,
      two payment options:                                    affiliated recreational youth sports leagues and more. For
      Pay a 25% premium for each program -OR- Pay a yearly    more information or to apply visit:
      or quarterly assessment fee.                            activities/financial-aid
      For more information visit:        Adaptive and Inclusive Recreation
                                                              THPRD provides Adaptive Recreation opportunities and
      Inclement Weather                                       Inclusion Services for individuals experiencing disabilities
      THPRD programs, camps and sponsored activities may be   to promote access for all members of our community
      delayed or canceled if weather conditions warrant. For the   to recreate. For more information regarding specialized
      latest information on THPRD operations during inclement   recreation and inclusion services, please call 503-629-6330,
      weather, please call our 24-hour hotline at 503-614-4018 or   email or visit our webpage:
      go to our website,             

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