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Sports Leagues - Youth

          Lacrosse                                     Soccer Coach               High School Recreational Soccer
         Tualatin Valley Youth                         Certification              Boys and girls not playing high school soccer can
         Lacrosse League                        For training and certification for soccer   register for the recreational coed soccer league.
                                                                                  Check with the youth league in your elementary
                                                coaching, go to for   attendance area. If the league does not offer
         Tualatin Valley Youth Lacrosse League is a   information on classes and clinic dates and   registration for your high school, go to the next
         community-based program created to teach   locations.                    closest attendance area club or
         lacrosse to girls and boys in grades 1-8 who
         attend a Beaverton School District school                                Classic League
         or reside within THPRD boundaries. Players   Soccer
         register according to high school attendance                             Boys and girls interested in playing competitive
         area. To register or get more information,   Tualatin Hills Junior Soccer   soccer may try out for this league. Tryouts will
         contact the appropriate group for your area.                             be held in May. Contact the appropriate club
                                              Recreational League                 representative for more tryout information.
         TVYLL                                Teams will be formed of boys and girls ages   Tualatin Hills United Soccer Club                  5-18. Practices begin in August. League games                  begin in September. Each club is responsible   THUSC: 503-616-9424
                                              for registering their own players. Registration
         Aloha                                is generally accepted May 1-July 1. Please                  contact the appropriate club listed below for
         Beaverton                            more information or log on to  Westside Timbers Soccer Club   Aloha United Soccer Club        Club Line: 503-626-2975                               
                                              Schools: Aloha-Huber, Beaver Acres, Cooper
         Mountainside                         Mt., Errol Hassell, Hazeldale, ISB, Kinnaman,             Nancy Ryles, Scholls Heights, Sexton Mt. (west              of Murray Blvd.)                     Volleyball  AUSC: 971-770-2872
         Southridge                                                               Summer Girls Volleyball, Grades 4-12    Milltown United Soccer Club  Girls entering grades 4-12 during the upcoming              Schools: Barnes, Bonny Slope, Cedar Mill,   school year are eligible to play in this summer   Ridgewood, Terra Linda, West TV, William   league. League and online registration
         Sunset                               Walker                              information will be available mid-April. Check
                                                                                  the website for more information.     
                                                  Fall Girls Volleyball, Grades 4-12
         Westview   Oak Hills Soccer Club              For girls entering grades 4-12 during the        Schools: Findley, Jacob Wismer, Oak Hills, Sato   upcoming school year. League and online
                                              email:            registration information will be available in July.
                                                                                  Check the website for more information.
         High School Lacrosse       
         Aloha                                Somerset West Soccer Club                Schools: Bethany, Elmonica, Lenox, McKinley,
                                              Rock Creek, Springville
         Southridge                           Westside Soccer Club           Schools: Chehalem, Fir Grove, Hiteon, Sexton
         Sunset                               Mt. (east of Murray Blvd.), Vose               WSC: 503-352-0180

                                                     Soccer Referee
                                              For training and certification for soccer
                                              referees, go to For
                                              information on classes and clinic dates
                                              and locations, visit

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