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Sports Leagues - Youth

         Winter High School Basketball         Football
         Grades 9-12
         For boys and girls not playing on school teams
         in grades 9-12 in the 2021-22 school year.   Youth Football
         League and online registration information will   The Tualatin Valley Youth Football Leagues
         be available in October. Check our website for   are for players in grades 3-8. Players register
         more information.                    according to high school attendance area.
         Summer High School Basketball        To register or get more information, call or
         Grades 9-12                          visit the website of your local contact listed
                                              below. Registration begins in early spring.
         For boys and girls entering grades 9-12 in   Practices and clinics begin in August. Games
         the 2022-23 school year. League and online   are played September to November. For more
         registration will be available in April 2022.   information, visit
         Check our website for more information.
                                              Registration: April 15-June 15
                                              Registration: April 15-June 15
                                              Mountainside:                       Rugby Oregon offers Spring, Summer and Fall
                                                                                  league and camp opportunities. Grades 3 and
                                              Registration: April 1-June 15       4 play Touch Rugby, Grades 5 and 6 play Ruck
                                        Touch Rugby and Grades 7-12 play Contact
                                              Southridge                          For more information:
                                              Registration: April 15-June 15
         Beaverton Cricket Club (BCC)
                                              Registration: April 1-June 30
         The Beaverton Cricket Club is the local
         THPRD-affiliated club that plays in the Oregon
         Cricket League. Those interested in joining the
         Beaverton Cricket Club and playing both hard   Westview
         (season) ball and soft (tennis) ball cricket should   Registration: April 1-June 15
         direct general inquiries to:

         Portland Metro Open Cricket Club
         PMOCC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity and
         a State of Oregon certified Amateur Sports
         Organization, organized for charitable purposes
         to further the sport of cricket in Portland and
         surrounding areas and  to cultivate interest in
         the sport of cricket at all youth and adult levels.
         Those interested in joining PMOCC should
         direct inquiries to or

              Volunteer Coaches
           If you have experience in sports and
           the desire to share your knowledge by
           coaching young athletes, please call the
           Athletic Center at 503-629-6330.

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