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Sports Leagues - Youth

          Organizational information will be available at the Athletic Center and on our website at

                                             South Beaverton Girls Little League  Westview Youth Baseball
           Youth Sports League ID            A girls (ages 4-14) program that is comprised   Beaver Acres, Bethany, Elmonica, Five Oaks,
                     System                  of players within the combined boundaries   Jacob Wismer, Lenox, McKinley, Oak Hills, Rock
                                             of Beaverton, Aloha and Raleigh Hills Little   Creek, Meadow Park, Springville, Stoller, St.
          All youth sports league participants are   Leagues. It is chartered as an independent,   Mary’s for Boys, Westview High
          required to have a valid THPRD ID   softball-only program.    
          number and out-of-district assessment   Aloha Huber Park, Chehalem, Cooper Mountain,
          fees paid, if applicable, prior to   Greenway, Errol Hassell, Hazeldale, Kinnaman,   Rip City Softball
          participation in a youth sports league.   McKay, Montclair, Raleigh Hills, Raleigh Park,
          Please see website for THPRD ID card   Vose                             Rip City Softball is an ASA affiliated Junior
          information.                                                            Olympic fast-pitch softball organization whose
                                             President: Andy Peterson, 971-238-7156   mission is to develop players capable of
                                    or               competing at the highest levels in the country
                                              with the demonstrated skills necessary to earn a
          Baseball/Softball                                college scholarship. Our dedicated coaches and
                                                                                  volunteer staff facilitate our athletes’ growth by
                                             Willow Creek Little League           conducting challenging practices and scheduling
         Registration for youth baseball and softball                             the highest level of competitive activity available.
         leagues is done through the associations listed   This is a little league girls softball program   Reaching these goals must be accomplished
         below. Associations are divided by Beaverton   comprised of players within the combined   within the proper framework, instilling character,
         School District elementary school attendance   boundaries of Cedar Mill, Westview, and Wolf   self-esteem, confidence and sportsmanship.
         areas. If you attend a private school, you will   Creek Little Leagues based under Oregon   We promote competitive softball for girls' 10U
         play within your public school attendance area.   District 4. It is chartered as an independent,   through 18U.
         Contact your appropriate association for more   softball-only program. (Co-ed t-ball will continue
         information.                        under the baseball leagues.) This program is
                                             open to girls ages 4-14 yrs.
         All of the Beaverton Area Little League groups
         are governed by Oregon District 4 Little                                 Basketball
         League. For more information, please visit the   Spring/Summer Season
         league’s website,                                          5th-8th Grade Winter Basketball
         Spring Leagues: Registration begins in January.   T-ball: 6-8 yrs, Soft-T-ball: 6-8 yrs  Programs
         Play runs March-June.               Baseball: 9-18 yrs, Softball: 9-18 yrs
                                                                                  THPRD’s 5th through 8th grade basketball
         Summer Leagues: Registration is in January   Fall Ball                   programs are for girls and boys residing in
         and February. Play runs May-July.                                        THPRD boundaries or attending school in
                                             Contact the association for fall ball availability:
         Fall Leagues: Registration begins in August.  the Beaverton School District. Practices are
         The program is for 6-12 year olds. Play runs   Aloha Junior Baseball/Aloha Softball  held during the week with games primarily on
         September/October.                                                       Saturdays at the BSD schools and/or THPRD
                                             Aloha High, Aloha Huber, Chehalem, Cooper   Athletic Center. The season runs December-
                                             Mt., Errol Hassell, Hazeldale, Kinnaman,   March. For your convenience, registration for
         Little League Baseball              Mountain View, Nancy Ryles, Sexton Mt., Valley   youth basketball is now offered online at www.
                                             Catholic                    A current THPRD card number is
         T-ball: ages 4-6                    AJBO:    required to register. For any other questions or
         Softball: ages 4-14                 Aloha Softball: Becky Dawson         help with registering your child, call the Athletic
         Baseball: ages 4-14                 503-649-6883                         Center at 503-629-6330.
         Beaverton Aloha Little League       Beaverton Blaze Softball             5th-8th Grade Recreational Spring
         Aloha-Huber, Beaver Acres, Chehalem, Cooper   Fir Grove, Greenway, Hiteon, McKay, Montclair,   Basketball
         Mt., Errol Hassell, Hazeldale, Kinnaman  Raleigh Hills, Raleigh Park, Conestoga, Highland   The Youth Spring Basketball Recreational League
         BALL: 503-342-8809                  Park, Whitford, Beaverton High, Jesuit High,   is open to boys and girls currently in grades 5-8               Oregon Episcopal, Southridge High    and attending a Beaverton School District #48
                                            middle school or residing within District #48
         Cedar Mill Little League            Southridge Junior Baseball           or THPRD boundaries. Registration will begin
         Barnes, Bonny Slope, Cedar Mill, Findley,                                mid-February. Check our website for more
         Ridgewood, Terra Linda, West TV, Wm Walker,   Conestoga, Fir Grove, Greenway, Highland Park,
                                             Hiteon, Scholls Heights, Sexton Mt., Nancy
         St. Pius, Holy Trinity              Ryles, Southridge High, McKay, Montclair,   6th-8th Grade Recreational Summer                  Raleigh Hills, Raleigh Park, Whitford, Beaverton   Basketball
         Murrayhill Little League            High, Jesuit High, Oregon Episcopal   The Summer Basketball Recreational League
                                             503-840-4760                         is open to boys and girls who will be entering
         Fir Grove, Hiteon, Nancy Ryles, Scholls Heights,
         Sexton Mt.                          asp?url=southridgeyouthbaseball      grades 6-8 in the 2021-22 school year and
                                                                                  attending a Beaverton School District #48
                                             Sunset Junior Baseball               middle school or residing within District #48 or
         Raleigh Hills Little League         Barnes, Cedar Mill, Findley, Ridgewood, Terra   THPRD boundaries. Check our website for more
         Greenway, McKay, Montclair, Raleigh Hills,   Linda, William Walker, West TV, Catlin Gabel,   information in May.
         Raleigh Park, Vose, Whitford, Conestoga  Cedar Park, Meadow Park, Stoller, Sunset High        
         Phone: 971-217-7455                 baseball

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